OC Ministries

OC Ministries is Operation Classroom, Operation Clinic, Operation Church, Operation Connection, Operation Clean Water, Operation Clear Vision and Operation Crop rolled into one! OC Ministries is a non-profit mission in Minnesota ministering to the minds, bodies and spirits of children in developing countries. Operation Classroom was founded in 1989 to assist in the rebuilding of UMC related schools in Liberia and Sierra Leone, West Africa. In 1992, Jamaica was added to the list of OC countries and in 2015, Haiti was added. New partnerships developed with clinics and churches and Operation Classroom expanded into OC Ministries in 2000.

Operation Classroom

Operation Classroom sends work teams and money abroad for construction on new or existing schools.  OC provides money for a portion of the supplies and skilled laborers.  We also collect, make and send school supplies, uniforms, funds to aid schools.

Operation Clinic

Operation Clinic collects and sends medical supplies and texts.  Mission teams work with clinics abroad by providing medical assistance, basic healthcare guidelines and replenishing supplies


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Operation Church

Operation Church sends Bibles, hymnals, choir robes, stoles and other church related items.  OC Ministries continues to pray for and support the efforts of those working in our partner churches.

Operation Connection

Operation Connection connects students in need with sponsors. Scholarship amounts are designed to cover most of the cost of tuition, books, uniforms, and shoes for a whole school year.  What is a small amount to us can make a tremendous difference in a person’s life in Sierra Leone! For more information about Sponsoring a student, click here.

Operation Clean Water

Operation Clean Water allows us to hire teams of workers in Liberia and Sierra Leone to dig and drill wells in several villages adjacent to our schools and clinic

Operation Clear Vision

Operation Clear Vision provides around 5,000 pairs of glasses for those in need in north central Jamaica through a partnership with Lions International and Wesley Methodist Church in Browns Town, Jamaica.  Each February, a team of volunteers from MN (including an optometrist) works alongside volunteers from Wesley for six days distributing them.

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Operation Crop

Operation Crop is planting Avocados in Jamaica to provide funding for the local church.