Avocado Project- Operation Crop

OC Ministries has partnered with the Methodist Church in Jamaica to plant and cultivate 25 acres of avocados.  Students at nearby York Castle High School are taught agriculture and business practices.  Proceeds help local churches be self-sustaining.

Jericho Vision- Operation Clear Vision

Each year OC Ministries provides around 5,000 pairs of glasses for those in need in north central Jamaica through a partnership with Lions International and Wesley Methodist Church in Browns Town, Jamaica.  Each February, a team of volunteers from MN (including an optometrist) works alongside volunteers from Wesley for six days distributing them.


Gipo Township School, Ganta

This 12-room Vocational High School will train boys and girls in auto mechanics, building construction, carpentry, electricity, plumbing, arts, and agriculture in partnership with local farmers and women's groups.  Construction started in January, 2014.  One or two work teams/per year will be travelling there from Minnesota over the next couple of years to help the local people complete it.  Total cost is around $70k. 

Sierra Leone

Site for the NEw Secondary school in Baiwala

Site for the NEw Secondary school in Baiwala

Mile 91 School in January 2016.

Mile 91 School in January 2016.

Bo School of Nursing

Bo School of Nursing

Secondary School, Baiwala

OC Ministries is coordinating with Rev. Judith Banya in Baiwala to support the education of over 500 children in the village. Construction of a secondary school will begin in Fall 2016.

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Masorie Primary School, Mile 91

This Primary School, located in a major transportation hub of Sierra Leone provides an education for 400+ boys and girls, replacing the current school that has been condemned and torn down.  Construction was begun in July 2014 and completed in fall 2015.

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School of Nursing, Bo

The building for this School of Nursing in Bo is a 7-room building. The building is 80% complete. It needs doors, windows and interior work. Teacher's housing is still needed in addition to nursing materials and curriculum to help prepare the future nursing students.

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Bo School of Community and Applied Health Sciences

OC Ministries partners in the development of the United Methodist University of Sierra Leone in an area where is an acute shortage of health care workers.  Funds are used for rehabilitating existing classroom buildings, supporting staff, curriculum, and teaching materials.  Adjacent to United Methodist –affiliated Mercy Hospital, students receive hands-on training for future careers as midwives, nurses, community health officers, and technicians.  


Haiti Teacher Training

OCM partners with the Haitian Methodist Church in the towns of Thoitte and Williamson where teachers learn pedagogy, classroom management, child development and lesson planning.