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Jamaica is an island nation of the Greater Antilles, 234 kilometres (146 mi) in length and as much as 80 kilometres (50 mi) in width situated in the Caribbean Sea. It is about 620 kilometres (385 mi) northeast of the Central American mainland, 145 kilometres (90 mi) south of Cuba, and 190 kilometres (120 mi) west of the island of Hispaniola, on which Haiti and the Dominican Republic are situated. Its indigenous Arawakan-speaking Taíno inhabitants named the island Xaymaca, meaning the "Land of Wood and Water", or the "Land of Springs". Formerly a Spanish possession known as Santiago, it later became the British West Indies Crown colony of Jamaica. It is the third most populous anglophone country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada.

What is OC Ministries doing in Jamaica?

Operation Crop

Avocado Project, Brownstown
Over 50 acres of avocado plants have been planted in Brown's Town, Jamaica. The plants will be harvested and processed for oils.  The oil will be sold to provide income for UMC churches on the Brown's Town Circuit.

Operation Clear Vision

Jericho Vision
Each year OC Ministries provides around 5,000 pairs of glasses for those in need in north central Jamaica through a partnership with Lions International and Wesley Methodist Church in Brown's Town, Jamaica. Each February, a team of volunteers from MN (including an optometrist) works alongside volunteers from Wesley for six days distributing them.